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Compact Camera Fundamentals:
An Introduction To Photography - Fully Illustrated Version

Brent G. Betz

Released April 2013 • 213 Pages • 3MB

Amazon Kindle Store • $5.99 USD • Kindle

Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Introduction To Photography - Fully Illustrated Version is an eBook written specifically for the Point-And-Shoot (PAS) photographer. The book uses a multi-touch interactive approach - including videos, diagrams, graphs, charts, photographs, reference materials, and glossary - to explain and teach a variety of concepts such as:

  • Understanding the benefits and shortcomings of a PAS camera
  • Getting to know all the features, buttons, and interfaces of your compact camera
  • Preparing your camera to shoot the best possible photos and videos using the proper file formats (JPEG+RAW), adjusting metering methods, and choosing appropriate aspect ratios
  • Exploring Standard, Scene, and Creative modes for shooting in common and more challenging environments
  • Learning, in depth, how to shoot using manual controls by understanding aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • What additional equipment to purchase
  • Composition tips and a variety of photographic techniques
  • How to store, organize, and enhance all your photos
  • The best way to share your masterpieces with friends and family using a variety of mobile and desktop applications/services

If you're a new or established photographer, someone interested in a different genre of photography, or someone who has an interest in shooting close-ups, this book will help you learn the basics needed to take beautiful macro and close-up photos.

The volume also includes information and links to useful gadgets, equipment, graphics, and online communities relevant to macro and close-up photography.

This eBook version is available for Apple iOS, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo devices. Content varies slightly from format to format.

Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Interactive Introduction To Photography

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Compact Camera Fundamentals: An Introduction To Photography

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